Hoops review

It shows about a character known as Ben who’s a Basketball coach but son of famous Basketball player who was world famous before and now run a Streakhouse. Ben himself has a lot of anger problems probably caused by him never being able to live up to the successful or Fame his dad had and also him being possibly over being a lot smaller than his dad is by around 1 foot or so

Is it funny not really overall but it’s good storyline overall something you could find interesting or exciting it’s good storyline system as well since many people of all ages never get the dream job or dream lifestyle they want so maybe able to touch many people hearts by how it related to so many different people all around the world

Basketball is sport mostly just popular in America or the Philippines normally so it does make sense this would be popular for mostly American people who are big fans of successful Basketball players such as Michael Jordan who is the best Basketball or Sports player of all time for most people in the world and also a smart Business man.

Has very catchy theme song overall kind of unique sort of sport themed song which goes perfect for any Basketball themed story line or real Basketball game a like.


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